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Soooo yeah I haven’t written here on the blog every day like I hoped I would. Guess this whole discipline thing is harder than I thought it would be. I get into the office and think okay sit down and write first no matter how short it is or if it’s complete non-sense. Then if that doesn’t happen I think I’ll write after Chloe goes to bed. Well, that doesn’t happen either because the dishes need cleaning or the house needs tending.

Weekends are harder. This last weekend we went to my parent’s lake house and just enjoyed a short time for a quick getaway. Chloe started to learn how to fish and she was loving it. She didn’t catch anything, but watching her cast and reel had me thinking about the catch and release in life and how I need to do more of that in my life. Those things include worry, burden, resentment, pride, anger, sadness, guilt and possibly that collection of empty flower vases that is growing behind a kitchen cupboard. But really I think there comes a time in all of our lives for a season of change. With winter not sticking around, spring is peaking its head out with promises of anew. I’m looking forward to what is to come as I grow in new areas of my life.

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Day 9

So a girl at work warmed up fish today and smelled up the entire department floor. It was comical. Aisle by aisle people started standing on top of their desks wondering where that smell was coming from. Said girl stood up and said, “Whaaaatttt?”. Soon emails began to spread like wild fire. It was a nice comic relief in the day. So it should go without saying, but never take fish to work. Ever.

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