I’m a Mom Monday with Allison Dowell


Allison Dowell

This week in the “I’m a Mom Monday” series, we’re meeting Allison Dowell. She’s that girl you just want to sit and have coffee with. She has a very sweet demeanor with a purposeful attitude toward life. She and her husband, Will, live in University Park with their adorable and active one-year-old, Finn where they enjoy  going on walks that quickly turn into runs chasing him. In addition to a serious knack for decorating her home (tomorrow’s post is a must-see) and serving her family, you can find Allison collaborating with her childhood friend on incredibly chic custom-crafted paper goods at Frontier Paper Company. Enjoy meeting this mom who is creating a life of love.

Biggest challenge as a mom? Biggest success?
I love being a mom so much. I definitely find it difficult and challenging to be super-productive these days, but I think that’s okay. Maybe the biggest success is that Finn is happy and healthy. We love him more than words.

Words you try to live by?
Love God; love others.

What is the highlight of your day?
I love going in to get Finn out of his crib after his naps. He just looks at me with this little twinkle in his eye and a smile behind his pacifier.

What are your interests?
I do love decorating and styling, whether it be a book shelf, a dinner table, a party or a flower arrangement. That’s my newest creative interest – floral design for small parties. I also love being outside, even when it’s hot.

What scripture do you reflect on most as a mom?
I was thinking about this morning, & it was hard to pick one verse. As a mom, each day I am compelled to pray constantly and to seek the Lord with overwhelming thanksgiving for little Finn. I guess the scripture that I reflect on the most is the benediction that I pray for him when I put him to bed at night: The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. [Numbers 6:24-26]

Dream family vacation?
We love going to Colorado. So, that’s our realistic dream family vacation. Someday, it would be fantastic to go to Europe with our little family.

What stage has been the biggest struggle for you as a mom?
Well, we haven’t been through all that many stages yet, but there were times in the first few months when Finn would cry for longer than a little while, and we just wouldn’t know how to help. He’s much easier to understand now as he starts to communicate more.

Describe your type of parenting.
It’s already pretty obvious that we have a little fire cracker on our hands. It will be interesting as we enter into the stage of more specific training and parenting. So far, I’d like to think that I’m pretty laid-back & easy breezy, but I also value obedience, respectfulness, and  good manners.

What mommy tip would you give to others?
Most people seem to share advice and strong opinions, but I think every family is so different. My advice would be to read, listen, and research, but then make decisions based on what is working well for your family. I try not to worry & stress.

What is one thing that you love that he does?
We call Finn a “jolly little fellow” because of his huge smiles, dimples and  joyful “talking.” He’s pretty sweet.

What do you think he’ll be when he grows up?
Well, if you spend much time with him right now, you’d anticipate that he’ll be a landscaper. He loves his little lawnmower. I think he’ll be a good leader like his dad.

What do you love to do with him the most?
Playing chase with Finn is such a blast – he cracks up laughing when he is caught.

How do you find me time?
Most of the time, my “me time” is a long-ish jog. That’s when I clear my head & slow down my thoughts.

In three words to describe what it is like to be a mom.
Being a mom brings the most tangible sense of love, joy, and gratitude that I’ve ever had.

One word to describe your son?

What is one thing you wish you did more or less of?
I need to work on making more full meals for dinner. Will would really appreciate it.

Where do you get your sense of accomplishment?
I feel accomplished when creative tasks are complete – sending off a fulfilled order for work projects, seeing finished design projects or even after a fun and tasty dinner party.

Child products
California Baby for bath soap. Finn doesn’t need very many products, honestly. We use Branch Basics soap for almost everything. I can use it to wipe Finn’s face or to dab on a bug bite, for the laundry, counter tops and to wash dishes. It is completely safe and multipurpose.
I love peonies and David Austin Garden Roses mixed in with something for more texture. An interesting thistle is great, too, because they last so long.
I’m not a perfume-wearer any more, but I do love lavender essential oil and coconut oil.
Beaver Creek, Colorado – any time of the year
For clothes, I really like Madewell right now.
We’re pretty simple eaters at home – fruit, veggies, yogurt & cheese (hence, my goal of cooking more complete dinner meals for Will’s sake). Finn loves green smoothies, which is an easy way for him to get lots of veggies.
Style Me Pretty Living for decor
mommypotamus.com for healthy baby tips
mercola.com for healthy living questions
Hot fudge sundae at R+D Kitchen or a berry cobbler
R+D Kitchen

Thing to do during nap-time
While Finn’s asleep, I read, make phone calls and get most of my work done. I do custom wedding invitations and all the coordinating wedding paper with my friend Libby. Our company is called Frontier Paper Co.

One thing you would suggest every mom have?
Every mom needs someone to talk to throughout the day, I think. I’m so thankful for my family & friends nearby who I can see during the day while Will is at work. I don’t take for granted that Finn and I can swing by my parents’ house any time to say, “hello!” That is an enormous blessing.