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Dallas Reclaimed Custom Kitchen

What’s in a kitchen? A lot when you’re married to a contractor who can cook up some stellar renovation ideas. That’s just what Dallas mom, Meghan Speer got when she and her husband Andy (Speer Custom Homes) set out to create a custom kitchen for their growing family. The outcome is a fresh space for cooking and eating with rustic reclaimed finishes and of course a little cowhide (we’re in Texas after all!). Using his talent and experience, Andy created the unique light fixtures over both the kitchen table and sink using olive buckets and a pulley from La Foofaraw in downtown Plano. The couple sourced additional reclaimed elements for their kitchen such as the pantry door salvaged from a bar in downtown Dallas from Discount Home Warehouse. Beyond the surface are great areas of functionality including custom cabinets that feature excellent organization for clutter-prone kitchen gadgets and appliances. As the heart of the home, this kitchen beats with comfort and creativity that will not be duplicated. (If you’re interested in getting a fancy custom light contact

Kitchenredo3Reclaimed custom kitchen with multifunctional island.


Kitchenredo7Comfort and functional seating…island bench with storage underneath. Brilliant!
Kitcheredo9An old bar door for an entry door into a pantry! Great idea and so unique. EAT letters made from reclaimed wood.

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Heart of the Home – Kitchen Renovation

Holidays, get togethers, or that once-a-year house party, the place where family and guests gather is always the kitchen. No matter the plethora of seating you have scattered around the house, the kitchen is where conversation is cookin’. Our fingers are crossed as we go into this next house buying process and with a small window of time from when we close to before we have to get out of the apartment we’re hoping to make some updates, including a kitchen renovation, to make the house our home.

One area specifically is the kitchen. Currently, it’s on the dark side with black granite and slate flooring and back splash. There isn’t a lot of counter space so we’re hoping to open up a ledge that doesn’t really serve a purpose and create a counter/breakfast bar space. It’s all in the early stages and I’m certainly the rookie at this … unless you count the endless hours of HGTV I watch. Sure I don’t expect the house to be renovated in an hour like on Property Brother, but man wouldn’t that be nice! I gravitate towards the light and white kitchen with contemporary finishes. We’ll re-paint the current cabinets to save money and add a few design elements such as a bookshelf next to the fridge. If you have advice or words of wisdom for this home reno newbie please share!

whitekitchen2 whitekitchen3 kitchenbookshelf
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The Dining Room vs. the Breakfast Nook

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

The dining room vs. the breakfast nook. As we begin the house hunt I debate the space a dining room brings to a home. It sure is a fun place to decorate and create table scapes, but other than holidays and celebrations, it rarely gets used.

The top photo, exhibit A. is a dream dining room (hello chandelier) that I would find a reason to eat my cheerios on every chance I had. However, let’s get real. I have a two-year-old and she sure isn’t eating her cheerios from that marble top table! So exhibit B. seems like the most likely to succeed for dining. I have a real obsession with round pedestal tables right now and can’t wait to pick up a beauty I got for my new booth … appropriately called Tilly & Fran, and I do believe she’ll get painted a pretty white. I love the versatility it brings. You can pair it with different chairs and creates a centerpiece for you kitchen and dining area. Stay tuned for more items headed to the booth!