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Home is where the heart is … right?

20_This_is_40_House_Front_Exterior_a_h(in case you don’t recognize it – this is the home from Knocked Up and This is 40 that I would love to live in minus the drama)

We recently moved into a two-bedroom apartment as we look for the next place to call home (which is really hard by the way. I despise the two-story box Texas style home and I just want a house in a neighborhood with trees – seriously! And walking distance to a park and shops would be nice too. Oh yeah I live in Texas). Anyway! It was a rushed move and one I hadn’t necessarily planned for. The housing market here in Texas is about as hot as the temps so if you don’t move fast you’ll miss out on the house that could be your next home.

As we packed up our things, only to unpack them three floors up, I began to wonder is all of this stuff was well, just stuff …. could I be happy just living in a car? The mantra “Home is where the heart is” began to chime in my head and as I watched the movers clang and bang my things against the stairs and walls I realized they are just things with as much value as I put in them.

But…and there is definitely a but in this, I also love interior decorating and finding pieces that make me smile, then creating a room that I enjoy looking and living in. So there lies the conundrum. Home is where my heart is, it’s with my most valuable possessions – husband, daughter and dog. But home is also where my soul gets excited to create a place that makes my heart smile. Yes, it a space full of possessions, but it’s more than the things. It’s a sense of ownership and identity. A display of your personality that you live in, and more importantly enjoy.

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Catalog lust

Home furnishings catalogs have come a looooooonnnggggg way. No longer are they stale and boring, no no they offer so much more. One catamag (my shorthand for catalog/magazine) that is leading the way is West Elm. Their rooms are staged with believability and beauty of a design magazine, oh but wait; you can actually buy what is in the room, it’s not overpriced or without reach! So what if it’s not custom made! You can customize the room through art, layout, books and your personal flair with souvenirs and photos. So if you’re like me pick up your latest west elm or pottery barn mag and pull those tear sheets out for some brilliant ideas. 

Pieces of Me

Love me some Pieces. I really need to plan a road trip to Atlanta and visit my most favorite contemporary boutique. They just do things right. They have the best in pillows, accessories, furniture and those one of a kind pieces…get it.