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50 Shades of Green

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A few weeks ago I pulled a u-turn and journeyed into a plant oasis called Shades of Green. Located in Frisco, TX, this little hidden gem is full of beautiful floral finds and plethora of plants. Chloe and I walked around until they kicked us out! I wanted everything without knowing anything. See, I love the idea of gardening and can appreciate fine landscaping, but when it actually comes down to picking out  plants and then planting I wilt like a tulip. I give up. Well, I’m “turning over a new leaf” and working hard to get this new house of mine into a landmine of awesome landscaping. I spend over two hours last night picking out my varieties and subsequently paid the next door neighbor to plant them…baby steps.

DIY Flower Hanging Baskets

There’s really nothing quite like that first perfect weather day when everyone and their gardeners rush to the local garden store to stock up on flower goodness. There is a feeling a renewal, dare I say hope in the air. Oh, what a simple bloom can do to lift your mood!

So my backyard was in a desperate need of some color and blooms, but I didn’t want to do a big landscaping project that would cost too much time and money. You see, I love the idea of gardening, but when it comes down to it, I like it quick and easy. However, as my mother and grandmother would say, “treat your plants like you do people; with love and care.” So I decided since I love a good diy project and needed to care for my new plant people, I would create them a nice home and add decor to my boring and blank fence. These DIY flower hanging baskets wwere really a quick project that gives you that immediate gratification. Below are the deets!



1.) I picked up a pack of wire hangers ($1.99) and five plastic flower baskets ($.99 each) at the local Wal-Mart.


You’ll need two cans of your favorite spray paint. Oh how I love spray paint!!!! Make sure you spray evenly and slowly to avoid dripping. You can also add another color for extra flair by using painters tape to create a fun design or line. That is if you have the patience for it.

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Link Love – Reads. Blogs. Finds.

This is as much for me as it is for you. Too often I see links to articles, products, or people I want to learn about, but before I know what hit me my phone is taken hostage by a nameless two-year-old who wants to call Elmo and I never get back to reading about said link. It’s not just limited to news and notes I find on my phone, but also what I find in these things called magazines – it’s made of paper, so again said two-year-old takes over and wants to color on the magazine that is not a coloring book – you get my drift. So here is my attempt at collecting and sourcing things that interest and intrigue me that I hope to you’ll get a chance to check out too … one day.

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