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Bookshelf Show Off

Mmmm I love a good bookcase and these are just delightful! I really could reorganize, redecorate bookshelves for days. What you don’t? Well, you’re the weird one. So anyway, bookshelves aren’t really shelves for books. They’re meant to display parts and pieces of your life. Of course, books are important to use to create various display levels and contrast. I love using large table books along with colorful bound books to build a look that is cohesive yet creative. Try pairing books of the same color together, use different textures such as baskets, pull objects that are various in size and scale to layer within the shelves. And if all else fails, find a photo of a bookshelf you love and copy that! Show it off!

1423932_AU4LebDa_c  The content display is warm and full, but the color of the bookcase is the star. What a great way to bring color into your room. Sure the accessories are neutral, but the display makes them pop and more interesting…it’s all in the packaging!


This bookshelf sticks with a white and green color combo to create a thrown together look that looks both custom and comfy.


This may look like haphazard, but I actually like the vintage vignette with pops of red. Your eyes aren’t pulled in all different directions, oh and they do serve a purpose for storage and organization.


Style and Substance

Have you ever been that girl peaking into rooms during a party? It’s okay I won’t tell. Well, a few weeks ago I couldn’t help myself. Walking into Allison and Will Dowell’s University Park home for their one-year-old’s birthday party I told my husband I’d meet him “outside”, but I didn’t. Instead I took in this perfectly styled home from top to bottom. Allison’s self-decorated home is like a beautiful and tasty layered cake. She’s created an exceptional eclectic home by collecting and combining vintage items, family heirlooms and out of the box pieces. In the time I’ve known Allison she’s been so humble about her home, but the girl has serious style and substance.
I heard someone say cupcakes so I acted cool and made my way downstairs like I was looking for the bathroom. But I wasn’t done. Lucky for you I went back for a visit with my camera and took pictures (with Allison’s permission of course). So grab a cupcake and go on a little digital home tour with me.

What is your favorite item in you home?
Other than the people (obviously), my favorite item in our home is a little Stephanie Wheeler painting that Will gave me for our first anniversary.

Favorite places/sites to shop?
I like the thrift stores in the Dallas design district (Scout Design Studio, Lula B’s and White Elephant) for unique finds and Blueprint for creative inspiration.

How do you describe your decorating style?
Slightly retro, slightly minimalist, and slightly traditional. That sounds funny, but I think it’s true.

What’s your favorite room in the house?
I love our master bedroom. It’s bright, comfy and a good mix of old and new. We have a huge mexican dhurrie rug that belonged to Will’s grandmother.

Who or when did you pick up your love for decorating from?
I have always liked rearranging furniture and reorganizing, so I think that was my decorating initiation. I used to rearrange my room after school. Also, my mom has really lovely taste.

house5Cowhide rug: from Will’s childhood home. | Coffee table: Wisteria Outlet | Leather Pouf: Area 25 consignment store | Couch: floor model from Stella Dallas | Toy horse: Allison’s aunt’s attic




White credenza was found at  West Elm and the lamps are from the summer “backyard sale” at Blue Print

dining table

Dining room table and chairs: My grandparents’ old kitchen table and some chairs I found for $20 each at a junk shop and had re-stained and upholstered (fabric is from Parlor Textiles)

kitchenwallOrange vase is from a cool garden store in Austin called Big Red Sun | Photo shelves are from Land of Nod


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Thrifty Decor

100LC_hitched_al31This look is perfection for any type of event or your everyday home. I’m considering a set of those embroidery ring with fabric do-dads would be a fun addition for miss Chloe Anne’s new room. The pink tissue poufs have seen better days. Another thrifty decor ideas is using a drop cloth as a simple runner to give your dining room an up-do look without a lot of cost. I love the different styles of chairs around the worn-in table. It shows you don’t always have to go for the out-of-the-box look with a high price tag. And those simple and warm florals are really making me wish Fall would get here soon!