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50 Shades of Green

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A few weeks ago I pulled a u-turn and journeyed into a plant oasis called Shades of Green. Located in Frisco, TX, this little hidden gem is full of beautiful floral finds and plethora of plants. Chloe and I walked around until they kicked us out! I wanted everything without knowing anything. See, I love the idea of gardening and can appreciate fine landscaping, but when it actually comes down to picking out  plants and then planting I wilt like a tulip. I give up. Well, I’m “turning over a new leaf” and working hard to get this new house of mine into a landmine of awesome landscaping. I spend over two hours last night picking out my varieties and subsequently paid the next door neighbor to plant them…baby steps.

Dear Dating

Dear Dating in 2016,

You’re the worst.

InSincerely Yours,

Oh, but I’m not done. You see I’m what “they” call a millennial, but NOT the same kind of millennial as that youngest Kardashian who has had so much plastic surgery she looks like Cruella De Vil…that’s a 101 Dalmatians reference for you young ones reading this.

I digress. So I graduated in 2005, I’ve been in the workforce for 10 years, I have a child (cutest five-year-old you’ve ever met), I own a home and a car, have a 401k, oh and did I mention I’m divorced. Yeah, there’s that too.

So rewind 10 years ago when I was leaving the comforts of college life (never do it) and ventured for the West coast to seek love and adventure. It was a time of freedom, fun and MySpace, yup MySpace. (Where are you Tom?) Social media was just beginning to form and Nokia phones with interchangeable color buttons were a thing. It was a beautiful time. People drove without texting, they used their phones as phones, conversations in grocery stores were shared, if something funny happened and you missed it, you missed it. It was real life.

And dating was real. So I’ll confess, dating in my twenties was cut short due to that time I got married and played house in Mississippi, but from what I remember, dating was far, far from what I’m now experiencing in my thirties. Here are some observations, clarifications, ramifications for your entertainment and education.


Texting can be great for those instances where I screen my mom’s call and can respond to her forty questions with a simple text, but by no means is texting the way to get to know someone.

I’m guilty for sure of only texting with a guy from the beginning stage of “getting to know him”, but guess what? It only goes so far. Talk. On the phone. Old school like the days when you had call waiting and feared your mom would pick up the landline from the kitchen. Use your phone as a phone. Just try it. I dare you.
And then maybe meet in person and make eye-contact while you’re talking…the horror I know. But from this side of divorce, trust me, communication is key sure, but what is more is the tone and body language that goes along with those words.

Dating Apps

These things did not exist ten years ago and I wish they didn’t exist now. It is harder to meet someone new as you get um older, but in my experience you will not swipe right on your husband using a dating app and here is some dating app lingo to help you understand.

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Fireplace Before & After

Moving. It sucks. And yet, I recently made my fifth move in four years. However, I think this home is going to stick. It’s light and bright with vaulted ceilings and a open concept floor plan that I’m loving. Prior to moving in the kitchen was renovated, new floors were put in and the walls were painted all in a way I would’ve chosen—score! But there was on problem: The Fireplace. The thing is in the middle of the room and was still living in the past. It desperately needed a facelift. So I started my research. I visited a few tile stores and did some searching on the world wide web. I finally landed on the Allen + Roth subway tile at Lowe’s. I love a good DIY project, but I called in the professionals on this one (Andy Speer-he’s super) and overnight this fireplace transformed!